Everything you need to get fit
for the life you want.

Fitness isn’t about what you can do in the gym. It’s about what you can do outside of it.

So we’re not just here to help you exercise more. Our personalised coaching helps you manage and improve everything from how you move, feel, and think to what you eat and drink. And all in a quiet, one-to-one setting. It’s everything you need to get fit for the life you want.

Build up your fitness from every angle with our mix-and-match sessions.

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Step into our space.

A quiet, private studio. No noise or distractions. Carefully chosen equipment you’ll never have to wait to use. And showers and changing rooms so you’re ready to get on with your day.

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There’s Jonny, our founder and head personal trainer, who loves running marathons and watching stand-up comedy. There’s Nichola, our wellness coach, who recently competed as part of the GB sprint triathlon squad in the 2021 European and World championships. There’s Trish, one of our Pilates instructors, who’s currently training her new puppy as well as training people. Not to mention Jenny, James, Marie and Becky, and the fair few qualifications and years of experience we’ve got between us.

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