At Unlock Fitness, we don’t just care about your physical wellbeing – we care about your privacy too.


Our packages bring together physical training and supporting fitness sessions, delivered by members of the Unlock Fitness team. To make it all work for you, we need to collect and store some relevant personal information, and, when necessary, to share some of it between the experts that will be helping you to meet your goals.

How we get your personal information
The personal information that we collect will be provided directly by you, and we will ask for your consent to continue to store and use it. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us by phone, email, or in person.

What personal information we collect and what we do with it
We only collect personal information that is strictly necessary for managing our relationship with you and to help us to give you the safest and best personalised fitness programmes possible. So, we will ask you for your name, address, and other contact details (email and phone number), and if you decide to take the plunge, we’ll ask you for some financial details and a small amount of relevant medical and health information. Your information will be shared only with the members of the team who need to see it, and all of them have signed our privacy and confidentiality agreement.

Where we keep your personal information
We’ll store your contact details, financial details and your health and medical information, together with any notes added by our coaches and therapists, in our secure client management system, in the UK. As we’re dealing with health information, we’ve decided to use a clinical system for extra security and to ensure UK GDPR compliance. Inevitably, your email address will end up in our email system and your account and financial details will also be stored in our accounting system, all with the appropriate levels of security and access control.

Cookies on our website
In line with our nutritionist’s advice, we’re only allowed a minimum of the most basic and unexciting of cookies (the sugar and gluten-free oatcakes of the www). These help the site work better for you and allow us to see how people are using it, and what interests them most. The information collected isn’t personally identifiable.

What we don’t do
• Store anything that we don’t need.
• Use your personal information for any purposes other than those we’ve described here.
• Keep your personal information longer than necessary, or if we don’t have your consent (although there may be legal reasons why we have to hold onto some of it – where this is the case, we will minimise what we keep, and put it out of normal use).
• Sell your personal information. Ever.
• Share your personal information with anyone, or any organisation, beyond Unlock Fitness or our associates, unless we’ve asked for your consent to do so (or unless a judge makes us!).