The space

The space

Here, it’s not about being fit. It’s about what being fit makes possible. So our quiet, comfortable studio in the heart of Chalfont St Giles is designed with functional fitness in mind.

All our equipment has been carefully chosen to support muscles and movements that you use in everyday life. And each machine can be adapted to suit your fitness abilities as they change over your time with us. There’s also plenty of floor space for stretching and cardio work, or for Pilates sessions if you choose them.

Our kitchen area means you can easily prepare or store any food and drink you want before or after your workouts. Our two treatment rooms give you complete privacy for things like personal consultations or massage therapy. Our showers and changing rooms make it easy to slot your fitness sessions into your day, wherever you’re coming from or heading on to. And there’s private parking right behind the studio.

Your space. Your pace.

When you work with one of our coaches in the fitness studio you’ll always have it completely to yourself. No waiting to use a machine. No noise or distractions. And no one else to watch or compare yourself to. Just a quiet, focused workout space exclusively for you.

Our place or yours?

When you start your first full package with Unlock Fitness * you’ll get your own set of dumbbells, resistance bands, and a workout mat to keep at home. Plus, some of our other equipment (like our EMS) is light and easy to move. That means we can either work with you here or our coaches can come to you. Whatever fits your schedule best.

* (Rejuvenator, Energiser and Accelerator packages, or equivalent)

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