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When we think about fitness it’s easy to focus on the more obvious activities – the sweaty gym workout, the intense physio session, the energising exercise class. But a significant part of getting and staying fit is about transforming our everyday habits and patterns.

Our wellness sessions help you think about your wider lifestyle and approach to fitness, as well as what you eat and drink, when, and why. It’s about looking at your fitness from a mental and emotional perspective as well as a physical one. The insight and ideas you gain can help you with everything from losing weight or managing a food intolerance to combating a serious health condition.

You might want to see our coach for a one-off session, just to set your fitness journey on the right track. Or you could choose to work monthly wellness sessions into your routine as a regular check and balance. And our coach will happily see you in the Unlock Fitness space, work with you at home, or run a session over video – whatever fits your schedule best.

Your coach

Nichola Shuttle

Nichola’s been working as a wellness coach for about 7 years, helping people feel happier and healthier in their day-to-day lives by making positive changes to their habits, diet, and lifestyle. She’s worked with people struggling with everything from food intolerances and sugar addiction to diabetes, menopause, and cancer, and she loves getting to be part of so many different and interesting health journeys.

How will you unlock fitness?



For when you’re just starting out

Build your fitness slowly, challenging your body gently and gradually stretching what you can do



For when you want to turn things up a notch

Hit the ground running (and cycling and rowing and lunging) to ramp up your strength and stamina at a swift but controlled pace



For when you’re ready to make your comeback

Build back your strength, flexibility, and control after an injury so you can get back to living full tilt



For when you just need a top-up

Boost your existing fitness routine with personal training sessions or support from our holistic health and fitness coaches

Train Together


For when you want to train with a partner

Extra fun and motivation with physical training sessions you can share, with expert advice for both of you from our fitness coaches



Not quite sure?

Try our Taster package and see if we're right for you

Postnatal Fitness


Specialist support to help you feel great again

Physiotherapy support, specialised personal training and wellness consultations to help regain your energy and fitness