Your sessions

As you build up your fitness it’s important to take care of your body, soothing and protecting the muscles and joints that are helping you to meet your goals.

While massage is most commonly associated with relaxation, it actually has a wide range of benefits. It improves your circulation, muscle movement, stress levels, and mental awareness, it flushes out the toxins that build up in your muscles, it relieves tension and pain, and it can even help get rid of scar tissue.

We usually offer massage therapy in the Unlock Fitness space, as our dedicated treatment rooms are quiet and it’s easy to control the light and temperature – but we can also come to your home if that better fits your schedule.

Your therapists

Jonny Bruce

Jonny’s been a personal trainer for almost a decade and a sports massage therapist for five years, starting out his career working mainly in local gyms until he started Unlock Fitness back in 2018. He loves now having more freedom to develop properly-tailored fitness plans, working with people in a way that can take their particular lifestyle, body, and needs into account.

Dan Whittall

Dan may be our newest and most recently qualified coach but he’s already clocking up his hours in the space, as even when he’s not there with clients he likes to work out almost every day. For him fitness isn’t about giving everyone a six-pack (unless that’s exactly what they want) – he’s focused on using exercise and massage to help people better manage and enjoy their day-to-day life.

How will you unlock fitness?



For when you’re just starting out

Build your fitness slowly, challenging your body gently and gradually stretching what you can do



For when you want to turn things up a notch

Hit the ground running (and cycling and rowing and lunging) to ramp up your strength and stamina at a swift but controlled pace



For when you’re ready to make your comeback

Build back your strength, flexibility, and control after an injury so you can get back to living full tilt



For when you just need a top-up

Boost your existing fitness routine with personal training sessions or support from our holistic health and fitness coaches

Train Together


For when you want to train with a partner

Extra fun and motivation with physical training sessions you can share, with expert advice for both of you from our fitness coaches



Not quite sure?

Try our Taster package and see if we're right for you

Postnatal Fitness


Specialist support to help you feel great again

Physiotherapy support, specialised personal training and wellness consultations to help regain your energy and fitness