12 Week block

12 Hours of physical training

4 Postnatal Physiotherapy sessions

3 hours Wellness consultations

New priorities. New routines.  New focus.
Whether you’re a new mum or you’ve pushed this buggy before, you’ve been through a lot.  So maybe it’s time to concentrate a little bit on you…

Our Postnatal fitness plan

Getting your fitness back after having a baby isn’t straight-forward, and every mum’s needs will be different.  Even without any particular postnatal complications, you’ve got a lot going on – and it’s common for mums to lose body-confidence and feel unsure about how to get back to their previous levels of fitness.
Our all-female team of experienced post-natal coaches can help you get going again, safely and with confidence.

It’s not just about losing weight and getting your figure back. Only a man would think that…
We’ll start with a postnatal physiotherapy consultation to properly understand where you’re starting from and any physical issues that need to be considered and worked on.  From there we’ll develop a physical training plan that’s tailored to your needs and goals, with appropriate check-ins along the way. Physical training typically starts gently, addresses any specifically identified issues and focuses on rebuilding alignment, joint movement and core strength.  As you improve, your coach will gradually push you to to build back your strength and fitness.  And alongside you’ll have a series of consultations with our Wellness coach, where you can focus on the other important things like nutrition, sleep and mental well-being.
Working together, our team can give you the support you need.

Initial postnatal physiotherapy-led health consultation, with three follow-up consultations *

1 x 60 minute personalised physical training session each week.

Initial 1 hour Wellness consultation, with two hours of follow-up consultations
(1 hour or 30 minute sessions – it’s up to you).

* our packages are designed to be flexible, so if you don’t need physiotherapy follow-ups, you can swap your sessions for additional PT sessions or for one of our other services.

Like all of our fitness packages, our Postnatal Fitness plan can be adjusted and tailored to your individual needs – We offer Osteopathy, Massage and Pilates sessions that you can add to your package, or you can swap sessions if the need arises over your 12 weeks.

I’m ready to unlock fitness.

Back on track?

Unlock fitness can keep you moving


For when you’re just starting out

Build your fitness slowly, challenging your body gently and gradually stretching what you can do


For when you want to turn things up a notch

Hit the ground running (and cycling and rowing and lunging) to ramp up your strength and stamina at a swift but controlled pace


For when you just need a top-up

Boost your existing fitness routine with personal training sessions or get support from our holistic health and fitness coaches