Our coaching

Our coaching

True fitness is about being ready and able to live the life you want. And that takes more than just exercise. So we help to reshape your habits, diet, and mindset as well as your muscles.

Each of our personalised coaching programmes has a core of physical training, balanced with supporting fitness sessions. Our personal trainers focus on building your strength and stamina. Our wellness expert helps you make sure your body’s got the fuel it needs to get fit. Our physiotherapists work to heal and protect the muscles you’re building up. Our Pilates instructors hone your flexibility, breathing, and balance. And our massage therapists relieve any tensions and aches as your body works to meet your goals.

Our mix-and-match approach means you choose what support you need and when. Every session is one-to-one. And we can work together in our fitness space or in your own home.

How will you unlock fitness?



For when you’re just starting out

Build your fitness slowly, challenging your body gently and gradually stretching what you can do



For when you want to turn things up a notch

Hit the ground running (and cycling and rowing and lunging) to ramp up your strength and stamina at a swift but controlled pace



For when you’re ready to make your comeback

Build back your strength, flexibility, and control after an injury so you can get back to living full tilt



For when you just need a top-up

Boost your existing fitness routine with personal training sessions or support from our holistic health and fitness coaches

Train Together


For when you want to train with a partner

Extra fun and motivation with physical training sessions you can share, with expert advice for both of you from our fitness coaches



Not quite sure?

Try our Taster package and see if we're right for you

Postnatal Fitness


Specialist support to help you feel great again

Physiotherapy support, specialised personal training and wellness consultations to help regain your energy and fitness   

Easy to start. Easy to stop.

We kick things off with a free consultation, where we learn as much as we can about where your fitness is at right now, what your general health and lifestyle are like, and what your goals are. Then we plan your coaching in 12-week stretches. Once you’re finished you can roll straight into another 12 weeks or, if you feel you’ve done what you came to do, you can stop. You’re not locked into a contract. There are no surprises in the small print. And we don’t do cancellation fees. We just work (out) together for as long or as little as you need.

“I love the private workout space at Unlock Fitness and the personalised training I get. The calm, encouraging coaching style of Jonny and the team pushes me, but without any intense boot-camp-style delivery. And I especially appreciated the effort that went into keeping both me and my family fit and healthy all through the lockdowns.“


“In the past I was never particularly active - but for the last 5 years I’ve been coming to Unlock Fitness weekly (often twice weekly) and that’s all down to Jonny’s ability to make our sessions so fun and enjoyable. Despite being in my late 40s, I have never felt better. Jonny is a great motivator and always keeps the sessions fresh. I really can't recommend Unlock Fitness highly enough.”


"I’ve been training with Unlock Fitness for nearly 10 years and I have no intention of stopping. The coaching has always been great - fun, targeted to my goals, and motivating me to push myself in the sessions. Plus the space itself is light and bright and a good place for people of all levels of ability to train."


Let's get better


There’s Becky, Pilates instructor and personal trainer, who enjoys dancing and doing yoga to relax and once got to meet the Queen. There’s Jenny, one of our physios, a keen water-skier whose favourite cuisine to cook is Japanese. There’s Dan, personal trainer and massage therapist, who loves pizza and skateboarding but hates frogs. Not to mention the fair few qualifications and years of experience we’ve got between us.

Unlock fitness today